David attacks the Dartmoor Beast for us.

Oakley House, Pink Party 2014

James mid-gruel of the London Marathon

Fun at the ball for the Committee.

Debbie Lock conquers the London Marathon.

Cheque presentation from turning the Churchill Theatre Pink.

We are a Regional Volunteer Fundraising Group for Breast Cancer Now who fund vital research into finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

The Breast of Bromley is a fabulous, regional volunteer group that aims to raise substantial sums of money for Breast Cancer Now to fund vital research.

To date we have raised in excess of £70k, and we intend taking our fund raising activities to a new level in 2016.

Initially inspired by Debbie Lock, The Breast of Bromley Team is now a strong group of vibrant volunteers, bringing their enthusiasm, business acumen and passion together to build a great fundraising group.